22 08, 2014

PowerShell WMI module 2.0 is out!

By | August 22nd, 2014|module, PowerShell, WMI, wmi module, WMI Week|12 Comments

    [stextbox id=”info”]Updated to version 2.1 with some minor bug fixes[/stextbox]   Voila, I am very proud to publish version 2.0 2.1 of the Powershell WMI module. I have worked quite hard on it, and I think it is time to publish it, and share my knowledge with the community. You can download the powershell wmi module from the download section here under: [stextbox id=”download”]Download the powershell wmi module here.[/stextbox] How can I start using the Powershell WMI module? You have no idea where to start? no worries! I got your back! You can start from scratch and work all your way up to WMI pro in no time by following the WMI week blog posts I wrote. You will find everything you need to start right here! What’s new in powershell wmi module? Well, to start first, quite some new cmdlets came to the 9 already existing. Indeed, the version 2.0 of the powershell wmi module (WMI-Commands) comes with 10 new cmdlets. Wich brings the complete WMI range of action up to 19 cmdlets !! Yes, 19 cmdlets in order to manage your WMI repository ! The following list are the newly added functions : […]

24 07, 2014

how to create custom wmi classes and properties with powershell (WMI module 1.0)

By | July 24th, 2014|Functions, module, PowerShell, WMI, wmi module|2 Comments

  ***** [important]New version of the PowerShell WMI module 2.0 is out. It has now 19 cmdlets in total! To get the latest version of it, click here [/important] *****                 Have you ever needed to create a new WMI property ? Have you ever needed to create that WMI property in a specefic (and new) WMI class ? Well, if you did, the WMI-Module is what you are looking for then ! After setting up the method on how to measure a Task sequence time (which I explained here), I needed to add it at the end of our task sequence in the “tatoo” section. In OSD, we generaly like to put the same information, in various locations : Registry, environment variable and in the WMI repository. The registry and environment variable are pretty easy (or lets say that was something I had already done before), but how do we actually add a WMI property and a new WMI class ? That is a good question right ? I have started to write some cmdlets in order to create a class, then a property, then to import or export MOF files, and sooner then I thought, I came up with the WMI PowerShell Module. And it is my turn to give something back to the PowerShell community. For now, the module is composed of the following cmdlets : […]

20 06, 2014

Sccm powershell module 2.0

By | June 20th, 2014|ConfigMgr, ConfigMgr 2007, Functions, module, PowerShell, Sticky, WMI|5 Comments

  Here it is, the latest version of the SCCM Powershell module. All the different functions I wrote, that were not yet existing in the version 1.0 made by Michael Niehaus , are now available in this new version of the SCCM PowerShell module. In total, there are more then 60 new Cmdlets that can be used in order to manage your SCCM infrastructure. PowerShell Configuration manager module 2.1 is out! (25/06/2015) You can download the module containing the 63 cmdlets on technet right here –> Technet download link (dont forget to rate it !)) The screen cap below recaps the complete list of cmdlets currently present in version 2.0.   This list contains 63 cmdlets in total. For now, I will stop the developpement, and publish it as is. The cmdlets are available here under. […]

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