PowerShell WMI module



[stextbox id=”info”]Updated to version 2.1 with some minor bug fixes[/stextbox]


Voila, I am very proud to publish version 2.0 2.1 of the Powershell WMI module.

I have worked quite hard on it, and I think it is time to publish it, and share my knowledge with the community.

You can download the powershell wmi module from the download section here under:

[stextbox id=”download”]Download the powershell wmi module here.[/stextbox]

How can I start using the Powershell WMI module?

You have no idea where to start? no worries! I got your back!
You can start from scratch and work all your way up to WMI pro in no time by following the WMI week blog posts I wrote. You will find everything you need to start right here!

What’s new in powershell wmi module?

Well, to start first, quite some new cmdlets came to the 9 already existing. Indeed, the version 2.0 of the powershell wmi module (WMI-Commands) comes with 10 new cmdlets. Wich brings the complete WMI range of action up to 19 cmdlets !!

Yes, 19 cmdlets in order to manage your WMI repository !

The following list are the newly added functions :

  • Get-WMIProperty
  • Get-WMIPropertyQualifier
  • Set-WMIPropertyQualifier
  • Remove-WMIPropertyQualifier
  • Get-WMIKeyPropertyQualifier
  • New-WMINamespace
  • Get-WMINamespace
  • Get-WMIClassInstance
  • Remove-WMIClassInstance
  • New-WMIClassInstance

The version 2.0 also includes a Module manifest now.

Some previous existing cmdlets have been enhanced, and corrected here and there where bugs where reported.

What can you do with the powershell wmi module?

The following things can be managed with the Powershell wmi module :

  • Create and Manage WMI Namespaces, Classes and properties
  • Create and Manage WMI Instances
  • Create and Manage WMI KeyProperties
  • Creating a backup of a custom WMI class in .mof format.
  • Importing and exporting .mof files.
  • Deleting custom namespaces, classes and properties.


Where do I download the powershell wmi module? :

The module is composed of the following two files :

  • WMI-Commands.psm1
  • WMI-Commands.psd1

You can download them from various locations depending on your objectives .

  • Technet : If you just need / want to download the module and use it right away, get the version from technet. (You can also rate the module at the same time ;)) This version will be in most cases the one you are looking for (See below for download).
  • Github : If you feel like contributing,or want to correct, or report bugs, Github is where you should go then. Link to the project.
  • listing : You can copy/paste the module listing below into a file named WMI-commands.psm1 and set that file in C:\users\<YourUserName>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\WMI-Commands\ (You might need to create the path if it is not already existing.)


[stextbox id=”download”]Download the powershell wmi module here.[/stextbox]


Script listing:

As usual you can find the script listing here under. You can download the complete module directly from Technet here.

[stextbox id=”warning”]The listing does not include the module manifest file ![/stextbox]