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It was great meeting you, and I really hope we will get in touch soon again. In the mean time, find here some details about me.

Stéphane van Gulick
Stéphane van GulickAutomation Engineer
Microsoft PowerShell MVP, PowerShell Hero, Founder of the Basel PowerShell UserGroup, language learner and time traveller. I work hard and with passion to automate everything that can be automated.

I am a Microsoft MVP in Cloud & DataCenter Management: PowerShell . I also founded the Basel powershell user group in 2015, and am one of the founding members of the French PowerShell usergroup (FRPSUG).

I am passionate about everything I do, and absolutley love powershell. I have automating quite wide range of microsoft products: Windows Server, configmgr, sharepoint, VMware, HyperV, scvmm, active directory and the list goes on, and on and on…

I have had quite a various differents types of projects on my plate since I started on my career back in 2007: Migrations, implementations, architecturing, consultency, mass automation, developement etc…

I have used all the various aspects of Powershell that you can think about: regular scripts, functions, internal modules. I started my own cummunity projects to no only take, but also give.

I have worked with powershell since its version 2.0 and have follow it’s evolution from advanced functions and modules, through workflow, writing configurations using desired state configuration, all the way using to Powershell classes.

I also delivered scripts with gui’s that bring complex business logic into easy to use tools using PowerShell with both, winforms and wpf technologies.

My expertise in a glimps

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