sccm powershell moduleHere it is, the latest version of the SCCM Powershell module. All the different functions I wrote, that were not yet existing in the version 1.0 made by Michael Niehaus , are now available in this new version of the SCCM PowerShell module. In total, there are more then 60 new Cmdlets that can be used in order to manage your SCCM infrastructure.

PowerShell Configuration manager module 2.1 is out! (25/06/2015)

You can download the module containing the 63 cmdlets on technet right here –> Technet download link (dont forget to rate it !))

The screen cap below recaps the complete list of cmdlets currently present in version 2.0.

Sccm-module 2.0


This list contains 63 cmdlets in total. For now, I will stop the developpement, and publish it as is.

The cmdlets are available here under.

[important]If you feel like contributing to the comunity, or if you notice any bugs etc.. the cmdlets are also available directly on my Git-Hub page here.[/important]


Enjoy !

Stéphane – Aka The scripting Monkey