PowerShell Script Browser

PowerShell script Browser

Following the good persons on twitter can bring you faster to the best of the best & and latest of the latest.

The latest ‘today’ , is this very usefull tool called “Script Browser” (today in it’s version 1.1).

The tool is really powerfull and actually will help us save hours (days ?) of work time (Or give us the opportunity to hang on 9gag more quickly ;)).

Anyways, the little tools give us access to more than 9000 scripts of the technet library.


Script browser screen shot

Script browser search preview

Script browser offer the possibility to input filters, and restrain the scope of research on particular technologies we would like to use (Ps1, vbs, HTML, XML etc…)

Filter for script languages

Filter for script languages

It is even possible to specify filters on the contributors (Technet, community, microsoft, exchange team) and on categories (Local account managment, system center, Active directory etc…).

You can then choose to download locally the script, or simply to sneak a peek into it, and get some inspiration from that code.

Sneak a peek

Sneak a peek


[important]You can find more information on this blog post from the scripting guys and download the Script Browser directly here.[/important]