Yes, you read it correctly, these french weirdos are getting organized, and will provide PowerShell knowledge in french, for free!

For the ones that were present at my BPUG meeting in Basel last wednesday (17/08/2016) with Ed & Teresa Wilson, I have annonced that we recently created the French PowerShell UserGroup. Find here some more information about that.

How will it exactly work?

To make the event accessible to the most of us, the event is planned to be online via google hangout/youtube live, and will be recorded.

If you dont care about the details, you will find all the current planned sessions on our meetup page here. Be also sure to follow @frpsug and #frpsug to get all the latest and greatest news about the group.


We will meet once a month. The meetings are held roughly on a tuesday, or a wednesday in the middle of each month (15-18 ish) around 19h Standard Roman Time (Paris – Bruxelles time).

The next (and first) meeting is planned to be held on the 20 September 2016 at 19h (Paris time) where François Xavier Cat (Aka the LazyWinAdmin) will talk about “Parsing data in PowerShell 5.0“.
I will present the second session planned on the 18 of October where I will talk about PowerShell Classes



You! Yes you! It is open to anybody who speaks (enough) french to want to challenge him self. It is not strictly reserved for MVP’s, and we really want to give the opportunity to other members of the community to get on stage, and share their passion with the world.

The french community was so kean about the annoncement of the creation of this group, that a lot of francophones submitted sessions. With one session per month confirmed our agenda is full all the way up until january (!!)

Some infos:


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Stéphane is a dynamic and passionate Cloud and datacenter Microsoft MVP since. He is the founder of the Basel PowerShell user Group (BPUG), the co-founder of the French Speaking PowerShell UserGroup (FRPSUG), author, blogger, and received the community award "PowerShell Hero" from Stéphane has implemented microsoft infrastructure solutions in various countries of Europe and is currently working in Basel / Switzerland. Stéphane help his clients to reduce their global infrastructure costs by implementing Microsft infrastructure solutions by combining great products such as System Center, Windows Server, with heavy automation using Windows PowerShell. Stéphane loves languages, Belgium beer, French cheese and French Wine. If any of these topics are of your interest, don't hesitate to come and say hi.

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