BitLocker Encryption script

How to get the bitlocker recovery key ID ? This is a question that a colleague of mine asked me. He wanted to get the local bitlocker key, and compare it to the one stored in Active directory.

I wrote him this function which will retrieve the protector ID (Bitlocker recovery ID) with the possibility to choose which protector to retrieve.

[stextbox id=”note”]This function below would be the PowerShell equivalent as the : manage-bde -protectors c: -get command[/stextbox]

The function is based on Win32_EncryptableVolume WMI class. This function can easily be extended, or even incorporated in other functions / scripts.

Find the download link here below

[stextbox id=”info”]

Since the first developpement of this script, I have written a new cool tool name “BitlockerSAK” for “Bitlocker Swiss Army knife“. The bitlocker swiss army knifeallow to find the bitlocker recovery key id, but also a lot more neat stuff! You can get more information about BitlockerSAK right here –> “Bitlocker Swiss Army Knife



[stextbox id=”download”]Download the latest version of the script directly on technet right here. [/stextbox]

If this function is not what you were looking for, check out my BitLocker encryption function.

Here under is the function listing :